Bureau69 Architects


The design of the new complex is set along an “L” on three levels above ground. In the porous basement, three separate connected volumes house the common areas: gyms, conference rooms, canteen. The overlying ‘pierced’ stereometric block houses two levels of accommodation for students and coaches. The basement is for covered parking, accessible from the side road.

The building, standing at the southern limit of the building area defines two distinct spaces: a private and protected inner courtyard and a front on the “urban” side. The identity image of the complex is result of a close dialogue with the pre-existing buildings, with which, through relationships of planimetric alignments, subtle volumetric shifts and material and formal references, shows a permanent compositional link.

The main front of the Complex is a contemporary elaboration of the models of native buildings in the Alpine areas, where a rough and earthy basement, a “mineral” body, supports a lighter and more domestic wooden volume. In this project the two horizontal registers consist of a hermetic compact volume in pigmented concrete at the base, on which rests an upper body that binds two floors, entirely covered in wood and thickly pierced by quadrangular windows.

The top block of the lodgings has a lighter and airier front thanks to the presence on the southern façade of deep loggias and on the north face of a semi-transparent wall punctuated by wooden lamellas that perform the double task of supporting part of the roof and guaranteeing the necessary privacy of internal environments.

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