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Max Strano Architect

58 Via Mario Sangiorgi, Catania, Italy


bureau69 architects is an independent Sicilian architectural studio and a network of professionals working synergistically in the fields of architecture, building construction and crafted interiors. The firm boasts work in Italy and abroad.



Do you like our projects and would like to collaborate?

The studio offers opportunities for undergraduates and recent graduates to pursue architectural internships in Italy (our office is in SicilY) and apprenticeships. We are always looking for young architects who love design to enrich the staff with new talent for more complex work.

If you are looking for a job as an architect, an internship opportunity for an architect, or internship with an architectural firm, and are interested in submitting your application, please send a cover letter, your CV, and a selection of the most representative work you have done to bureau@bureau69.com.

Thank you!

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