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Building less is a sustainable future

building less

Building less is a sustainable future This is the global screening at 14.33 of today the 26th of October 2020. The population increased today is 66,713,388. The actualised global population is 7.8 billion. We produced this year 65.2 million cars and spent today 2.8 billion dollars on military equipment. Also, only for today, 4.6 million […]

Living, Building, Place, Space

Living, Building, Place, Space Conversation around Heidegger and the meaning of building places We architects design and construct buildings designed to live in. Looking for the meaning of the word “living” a few days ago, I happened to read an in-depth analysis of an essay by Heidegger (Building, living, thinking) published by Giuliano Antonello on […]

How Covid-19 could change our cities

Post-covid cities

There is an ongoing process of dichotomizing the “dream concept” of the cities of the future (post-Covid cities). We have made cities grow dramatically to encourage the concentration of labour by bringing the worker ‘closer’ to the place of production. The main cities have still a medieval concentric organization of the territory where the city […]