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Architecture studio in Sicily

Accomplished architect in Sicily

Succesful projects lies on a clear communication and synergy between architect and client.

Therefore, we would like to start talking about how the studio was born, the cultural and professional background, the career and what are the main principles in our architecture.



accomplished architect in Sicily

bureau69 architects was established in 2003  by Max Strano, an accomplished architect in Sicily, who returned from his experience in Barcelona at Alfredo Arribas Arquitectos Asociados, and Luigi Battiato, who returned from his professional experience in Lille, France. 

After their experiences abroad they were keen to join forces to present an international approach, oriented to providing unconventional design proposals, a new approach in dealing with local governments and local communities. 

The boutique design studio in Sicily opened in the center of Catania, a medium size city in the East of Sicily (Italy). The practice stems from the desire to integrate architecture and other disciplines and to root architectural culture in a degraded area of the city, which represents its popular and cultural heart. At that time the city suffered from the restrictions imposed by a master plan which was last updated in 1969 and which forced architects and other professionals to be harnessed in an obsolete mesh of regulations, not in line anymore with new needs and that does not allow architects to express quality. 

Nowdays Max Strano is an accomplished architect in Sicily, and bureau69 architect is a boutique design studio with an international portoflio.

boutique design studio in Sicily

boutique design studio in sicily

The studio is established in Catania and focused on research, international design competitions and collaborations with international architecture offices. Bureau69 worked on a wide range of projects : building renovation and area regeneration, restoration of Listed Buildings, private houses, interior design,  urban design.


Max Strano takes on the management of Bureau69. An intense phase of historical-architectural renovation and conversion projects and international competitions begins. The studio constantly grows and delivers successful projects. It also starts a strong collaboration with the architect Jacob Goldemberg of Rio de Janeiro. Max’s passion for design increases and the projects reached an high level of detail, highly appreciated for their stylistic research, pure and minimal forms, and the advanced use of autochthonous materials.


Following the economic crisis, Max decided to broaden the horizons and, whilst continuing with residual projects in Italy, started some projects in Brazil together with his colleague and friend Claudio Inserra in Sao Paulo. For two years he assiduously visited the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil) for the completion of the projects. The experience allowed him to breathe a more international air and to recognise the benefits of a professional experience in a multi-cultural environment and taking on new challenges.


Max relocates to the U.K. He started  working as a Freelance Architect with architecture practices in London area, as an in-house Architect for a high-end developer in South Kensinghton, and Site Architect / Construction Manager for complex residential and renovation projects in the South East area.


Bureau69 Architects Ltd is established and registered in England and Wales. Max is hired as a remote external consultant to carry out the role of lead architect for the Konigsberger Vannucchi studio in São Paulo (Brazil).


Max returned to Italy and continues his carreer in Sicily as a freelance and managing the professional network bureau69 architects. His practice focuses in helping foregneirs investors who want buying, building and renovating properties in the South East of Sicily. At the meantime Max carries out consultancy as Construction Manager for the G.F. Construzioni Srl.

principles of architecture



I sense Light as the giver of all presences, and material as spent Light. What is made by Light casts a shadow, and the shadow belongs to Light.

    ARCHITECTURE is the art of living and has the power and the responsibility to transform the client’s practical needs in design to increase the quality of life.

   The CLIENT represents the key element in the process to create a living space. Smooth communication, detailed conversation and information gathering are preparatory and necessary factors for successful projects.

  Architecture is for ALL BUDGETS and has an important social influence. The quality of a building affects user behaviour and a well-designed building can enhance the image of a company, benefitting the company’s brand awareness and marketing. 

    A good architect helps to develop new ways of looking at a building, to discover new materials, DETAILED solutions, raising the standard of the building, and to turn an idea into reality with expert, creative knowledge and competency. 

    We are passionate about learning from history, thinking MODERN and RESPONSIBLY, inspiring buildings for the future.

    QUALITY is not synonymous with high budget: quality means researching the best solution in terms of design, performance, organicity, time and budget compliance. 

    We are bonded to the SOCIAL purpose of architecture and design. We want to to help people to live in and use an enjoyable space. 

    We are inspired by the natural LIGHT, material textures and colours, and our design is oriented to the attention to technical details, harmonious proportions, and precision.

    In each project we aim to create a direct relationship between interior private space and the ENVIRONMENT: natural light plays a fundamental role in the determination of contemporary living. 

    We do not believe in labels and branded architecture, we rely on a traditional method of making architecture that springs from the place (GENIUS LOCI), elaborated and reinterpretated in respect of the needs, functions, and performance of the building. A project developed in this way for us is SUSTAINABLE.