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PASSIONE magazine interview

“SHAPING THE WORLD FOR A BETTER TOMORROW Architecture is a powerful force that shapes our world and touches every aspect of our lives. It has the potential to create awe-inspiring spaces that connect people and transform communities. From grand public buildings to innovative solutions for complex environmental and social issues,

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Architecture Expo in Sharjah (UAE)

Bureau69 Architects participated as an exhibitor at the architecture expo in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, organized by Social Net Srl of Italy. The Edilsocialexpo is an international event where some representatives of the Italian architecture, design, and construction industry exhibit their products and services in the United Arab

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Nzeb and passive house

Nzeb buildings and Passivhaus standards

WHAT EXACTLY NZEB BUILDINGS ARE? Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) and Passive House (or Passivhaus) are both energy-efficient building standards, but they have different focuses and goals.  In this article we analyse some of the main differences. Energy balance: NZEB aims to achieve a net-zero energy balance, meaning the building produces

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Living, Building, Place, Space

We architects design and construct buildings designed to live in. Looking for the meaning of the word “living” a few days ago, I happened to read an in-depth analysis of an essay by Heidegger (Building, living, thinking) published by Giuliano Antonello on his blog. I found it very interesting and

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Post-covid cities

How Covid-19 could change our cities

There is an ongoing process of dichotomizing the “dream concept” of the cities of the future (post-Covid cities). We have made cities grow dramatically to encourage the concentration of labour by bringing the worker ‘closer’ to the place of production. The main cities have still a medieval concentric organization of

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