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Architecture studio in Sicily

architectural service in Sicily

All projects begin with a dream.

We have creative, technical, and management skills to turn your vision into a building. 

Our team has the right skills to provide a full architectural service in Sicily and worldwide, and support your project at all stages of the design process.

Architectural service in Sicily

what we do


If the architecture is any good, a person who looks and listens will feel its good effects without noticing.​



Our team has an international background, with a vast portfolio of successful architecture and interior design projects: residential and commercial buildings, single-family homes, and urban spaces. 

We specialise in full architectural service in Sicily and worldwide from concept to construction for one-off houses, home renovations, restoration of historical buildings and urban regeneration.

Our mission is to translate the client’s needs into realistic projects that reflect the initial vision, the budget, and the program of our client. Our main goal is to provide excellent results by combining innovative design, functionality, and sustainability.

We are aslo Passivhaus designer and we can offer a complete building design service under the Passivhaus standards up to the final certification.


We can provide a full architectural service in Sicily included the planning service for obtaining all the  building permits for the next construction phase. The flexibility of our team allows us to develop projects, from small to large scale.

Within our team we can operate as a Contract Administrator (Direttore dei Lavori), Project Manager, and Principal Designer (Coordinatore della Sicurezza). Our skills allow us to coordinate all the figures involved on-site ensuring all the works are in line with building regulations, as well as guaranteeing quality, safety, and compliance with deadlines and costs.

Our professional network includes also competent construction companies and supplier, therefore we can provide a “turnkey” service for both traditional and Passivhaus buildings.


We preserve a studio environment in terms of size and method. We work with a holistic and artisanal approach managing to blend innovation, authenticity, and value in our design.

Choosing and modeling the materials with the right balance, and taking care of the executive details, represent the core of our approach, and our projects are appreciated for their precision, elegance, and purity.

We can provide a client-tailored design service to obtain exceptional results in terms of construction quality, functionality and performance, which will be translated into well-being and comfort.

Our projects are well recognised for their style and have been awarded and exhibited in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


bureau69 architects is an architecture and design studio based in Sicily with more than 20 years of business in architectural and interior design, and construction management with projects delivered across Italy, Spain, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

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