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All projects begin with a dream.

We have creative, technical and management skills, expertise and leadership to transform a vision (the dream) into a building. 

Our team has long experience in all stages of design process and can support your projects providing the services described below.



Design is our mission, the main scope of our work. It represents the entire process that shapes an idea into a building through a set of drawings and documents necessary for the appropriate permissions. Feasibility studies, concept design, general arrangements and planning consents, are part of the design process, including all the consultancy the project needs. 

The RIBA Plan of Work includes these services in Stages 0 to 3.

Architectural design is our core business. We support you in all phases of your project covering all RIBA stages for new buildings, refurbishments and conversions, historical building conservations. Our range of services includes everything it needs to define a clear brief, value the viability of the project and feasibility studies, concept and developed design, planning and cost analysis. According to the brief we provide initial layouts, ideas, mood board, and sketches to show the  overall potential and the options for the project. When the concept design is approved, we will start to produce all the planning drawings according to the agreement and what is explicitly required in the contract.  Our team has resources to produce renderings and computer-generated images (CGI) to illustrate the project more clearly. 

We also have substantial experience in Interior Design across a wide range of sectors: high-end and luxury houses, commercial and office fit-out, bespoke interiors, furniture design, and joinery. We collaborate with master makers to define all details and to develop innovative solutions. 

Most new buildings and alterations/conversions of existing buildings need Planning Permission from the Local planning authority (LPA). If your property falls within a conservation area you will almost certainly require Planning Consent before you can start your works. Certain minor works don’t need planning permission as they fall under what is called Permitted Development. We can advise you, assist you in dealing with your LPA, with the conservation officers and with the submission of the planning application providing a complete set of drawings and specifications for your project.


After planning is granted, each project must be detailed in a set of documents and drawings for obtaining technical approval (Building Regulations), reliable estimations from contractors (tender package) and all the essential information for a good construction (specifications). We can also perform as a Contract Administrator, and provide Project Management service for your project. 

The RIBA Plan of Work includes these services in Stages 4 to 6.

Before your project commences you need to obtain an approval to comply with the Building Regulation, the minimum standard for design and construction. This stage is particularly important. We can provide assistance and support, and work on the full set of Building Regulation drawings required. A detailed set of drawings also would help you to require a quotation for your project from contractors and obtain a reliable cost of you project before starting on site.

Before the construction phase, the project must be developed in detail and several technical documents (specifications) must be prepared. This set is called  Tender Package. We can assist our client in choosing the most suitable contractor based not only on the most advantageous price. We select companies based on their background, financial reliability, technical resources, and previous experience for the specific project. We take the Client’s budget and programme extremely seriously and will give shape to the project goals right from inception. From the initiation and planning stages through to the execution on site, we monitor key targets and key milestones to ensure the proposals are developing in line with the project’s constraints.

There is always an aim to improve health and safety in construction by helping those who work in the industry to sensibly plan the work so that the risks involved are managed, coordinated and communicated from start to finish. Bureau69 Architects can fulfil Principle Designer duties as required in the CDM 2015, coordinating health and safety matters during the pre-construction phase.


The studio is specialised and internationally recognised for bespoke and crafted interior design, fit-out of commercials and workspaces. Thanks to the close collaborations with qualified craftsmen, our projects have always been appreciated for the quality and innovative design. Whether it is a single piece of furniture or the entire bespoke design, we can provide a complete and accurate service for luxury, highly detailed and outstanding interiors.

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