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casa passiva, passive house

PASSIVHAUS – Una moderna esigenza

La casa passiva (PassivHaus nella sua locuzione tedesca originaria) è una casa, o edificio, che è in grado di coprire la maggior parte del fabbisogno energetico sfruttando gli apporti solari (per il

Living, Building, Place, Space

We architects design and construct buildings designed to live in. Looking for the meaning of the word “living” a few days ago, I happened to read an in-depth analysis of

Post-covid cities

How Covid-19 could change our cities

There is an ongoing process of dichotomizing the “dream concept” of the cities of the future (post-Covid cities). We have made cities grow dramatically to encourage the concentration of labour

Investments in Sicily

Why to invest in East of Sicily.

Sicily is a beautiful #island in South of #Italy with 12 months #tourism market, and a wonderful place where to spend #holidays. This article wants to explain why the Easter and South-Eastern part of Sicily represents a

Bureau69 at Archmarathon 2020

  ArchWeekMiami is a week-long international cultural initiative, conceived and organized by Platform, an Italian publisher based in Miami, specializing in art, architecture, and design. AWM was created to offer an

Our project in Carrara (IT)

Our awarded project hashtag#LBA (Best Italian Interior Design project 2018) continues to be exhibited all around Italy. From the 2nd to the 9th of June it will be in Carrara

Centre of technology in Sao Paulo

We are proud to announce that our project for the Centre of technology in Santa Rita do Sapucai, in the State of Sao Paulo (Brazil) was presented and has received

A new project in Sao Paulo

Bureau69 has been appointed for a new project in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We are excited and delighted for this opportunity to work together with the local government and a big

Riba Winter Social 2018

Bureau69 believes in socialising. Attending RIBA’s events is always a great opportunity for having fun, meet new people, find new opportunities. The Winter social 2018 was rich in energy, vibe