Bureau69 Architects


A Brazilian company, Duas Gastronomia, operating in the gourmet catering industry expressed the need to modify an existing and ongoing project. The program included the construction of a ground floor store, a reception area with dining table for tasting and a first-level industrial kitchen. During the project phase, it was also requested to build a […]


Commissioned by a leading Italian company in wood processing and bespoke furniture (LBA Srl), this project stems from a perfect synergy between design and craftsmanship. The brief required an operating and representative space capable of restoring the uniqueness of the company brand: a modern design linked to a concept of spatial versatility and high craftsmanship […]

Food Hall

The concept is to bring in the elements of the temporariness of the traditional market. Historically the place of the market is the square, which in this case is an inner covered square. Therefore, it was decided to create a continuation with the outer space: a. The external pavement flow into the internal space creating […]

Sales Stand

Project leader KV Arquitetura – Sao Paulo, Brasil – Design Leader : Max Strano


Project for a conversion of a rail station (1894) into a Cultural center for technology.


Interior design of communal spaces for a mixed-  development in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brief included: Hall/reception, Car parkings, Coworking space, Bike store, circulations. Project  KV Arquitetura – Sao Paulo, Brasil – Design Leader : Max Strano / Bureau69 Architects


The church ‘Chiesa del Salvatore’ is a baroque listed building in a district of Acireale, a small town between the Ionian sea and the Etna volcano. The historic centre of Acireale is a UNESCO heritage site and represents the Baroque excellence in Sicily. The church had become insufficient to welcome all its followers over the […]