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PASSIVHAUS – A “modern” requirement

casa passiva, passive house

The passive house (originally named ‘PassivHaus‘ in German) is a house, or building, capable of covering most of its energy needs by harnessing solar contributions (for heating) and shading elements (for cooling). This, combined with mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery, high-performance thermal windows, and proper thermal insulation of the envelope, results in extremely low […]

Living, Building, Place, Space

We architects design and construct buildings designed to live in. Looking for the meaning of the word “living” a few days ago, I happened to read an in-depth analysis of an essay by Heidegger (Building, living, thinking) published by Giuliano Antonello on his blog. I found it very interesting and current, and being an architect […]

How Covid-19 could change our cities

Post-covid cities

There is an ongoing process of dichotomizing the “dream concept” of the cities of the future (post-Covid cities). We have made cities grow dramatically to encourage the concentration of labour by bringing the worker ‘closer’ to the place of production. The main cities have still a medieval concentric organization of the territory where the city […]