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Nzeb buildings and Passive house standard

Nzeb and passive house

Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) and Passive House (or Passivhaus) are both energy-efficient building standards, but they have different focuses and goals: Energy balance: NZEB aims to achieve a net-zero energy balance, meaning the building produces as much energy as it consumes over a year. This is typically achieved through a combination of energy efficiency […]

Passive House in warm weather

A few days ago, from a conversation with an architect colleague, the little-treated problem of overheating of buildings in general emerged and how this is a problem that also affects passive houses built in regions with a hot climate (like Sicily or Mediterranean area). This a theme which, due to lack of due clarification, could […]

PASSIVHAUS – A “modern” requirement

casa passiva, passive house

The passive house (originally named ‘PassivHaus‘ in German) is a house, or building, capable of covering most of its energy needs by harnessing solar contributions (for heating) and shading elements (for cooling). This, combined with mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery, high-performance thermal windows, and proper thermal insulation of the envelope, results in extremely low […]

Why to buy a property in Sicily

Buy a property in Sicily

 SICILY IS NOT TUSCANY… Sicily is a beautiful island in the South of Italy with  a 12-month tourism market and a wonderful place where to spend holidays. This article wants to explain why the eastern and South-Eastern part of Sicily represents a good option for property investment. This area has a high potential in terms […]